All items below but not limited to are restricted from being shipped by Xoom Cargo. This list may change without prior notice;
  • Opium, morphine, cocaine, psychotropic drugs, controlled or otherwise, by the Ministry of Health
  • Medications, being subject to Health Registry and / or prior approval Invima
  • Food, plants, animals, dead or alive, homeopathic substances or mixtures
  • Weapons, Ammunition, Accessories of war, Air rifles, Air pistols, Gun clips, Speed loaders, Paintball rifles, Paintball guns
  • Uniforms for exclusive use of the military, War toys, Explosives, Flammable, Toxic, Corrosive or dangerous material
  • Precursor chemicals in the development of drugs, Radioactive material
  • Objects obscene or immoral
  • Coins and Banknotes, paper money or any other securities to bearer, platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or not, gems and jewelry
  • All cargo may have its contents reviewed by the shipping or receiving agent